IschiaGlobal 2023

2023 Happy Training IschiaGlobal Dance

Dear Dancers and supporters of our unique dance festival,

18 years of Happy Training IschiaGlobal Dance Festival which from 2002 to 2019 marked 18 years of unforgettable emotions. 2020 would have been the year of our 19th edition and unfortunately, for 3 seasons, we were forced to deal with so many limitations and restrictions.

But we do not give up... and we are positive: edition number 19 is in the drawer... it will be enough just to take it out... We will return to get excited with YOU who have followed us for 18 very long years.

We will soon meet again and we will be so excited to share our love for dance all together.

In my duty of Founder and Director of the festival and, together with the Regina Isabella Resort, our partner, we are delighted to announce the new dates:

13 to 17 April 2023

Sincerely Jerry Abrate